Users were surveyed via email and 10 were chosen based on their responses to participate in an individual meeting. In the meeting, they were asked a standard set of questions as they completed tasks on the DFS game platform. This was done via a recorded 30-minute video meeting. The results were reported to the CIO and CMO and used to make interface and game design decisions. 
Questions included: What do you like about the game interface? Do you use the game on a PC? Do you use the game on a mobile phone? What could be improved? Please enter a contest and share your thoughts as you complete the task. Any additional comments? 
This Initial research was done six months into the game design and findings showed a need for a more clearly defined payment process, simple how-to help videos, and an improved user profile. 

Game Platform: HostingB2B
Tools: Google Workspace (Meet, Docs, Sheets), Sketch

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